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Fixings for panelling



Until now, the fixation of wooden wall panels was long and tiring.

With the complete offer ERGOFIX, ERGOLAT, ERGOCOL, this operation is now simplified to the max!

Simple: does not require any staple or nail

Quick: a simple plier is enough

Strong: resistant to any tearing

Clean: clean result, invisible fixation


ERGOLAT : This soft wood lath does not split with nails or screws, neither move or produce splinter. Its flexibility allows it to be used for the fanciest facings. It is thin enough (8mm), which allows to fix the wood panels very close to the wall, reducing projections at doors and windows. The stapling of PVC panels is made very easy with this system too.





ERGOFIX: A metal fixing with zinc plated steel clamps. Its specific feature is that it can be used without staples or nails. A multiple grip pliers is enough! Its thinness and special shape ensure an impeccable finish for the panelling. The fixing's resistance is a lot superior to nails or staples; which makes it also ideal for ceiling panelling. Clean finish and no deformation guaranteed.

It can easily be removed to re-use the wood panels or to hide a wire (modem, phone, etc). There are two types of Ergofix fixings:

- Beginning and ending ERGOFIX in L shape

- Laying ERGOFIX

Conditioning in boxes of 100 or 200 fixings.




ERGOCOL : Multiuse caulk for quick, solid and safe fixation of wood and pvc panels, plinths and cleats, isolation foams, faiences... on all dry and clean surfaces: wood, plaster, concrete, bricks, etc...

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